Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let me blow your mind

Well that was my thinking at least. Having heard no reply from Mr. A by Sat. I was feeling quite randy. So I invited the youngster over for a little fun lovin. In the mood to be lavished with attention and having no other plans, I opened a bottle of wine and well proceeded to drink all of it before he even got there (apparently 24 year old boys do not understand the fine timing that is involved with seduction). Sufficiently drunk by the time he came over, I had changed my mind from wanting it to be about me, to me wanting to turn him on uncontrollably. I sat him down on the couch, closed the curtains, and gave him a blow job, then ordered him to the shower where I had him groom me to his desires, then the shower fun commenced and ended in my mouth. While yummy, I did finally reach the conclusion that shower sex is a great experience for the overall image of sex but there is not enough friction to actually get the purpose of sex accomplished for me. Plus he is a youngster, and I do believe I am longing for the experienced gentleman to take control and blow my mind.

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