Saturday, October 4, 2008

British invasion

Hungover. Fuck.

Blew off working out, decided to head into the law firm - try and keep this place afloat. Perhaps the reason my thighs are as big as they are is that I would rather work than work out. Oh and that bottle of wine last night ...

Trying to decide if I should put another 5 grand on my credit card and join a gym with training or if I should just get some god damn willpower and run my ass off. What do you think?

Watched the Tudors last night. Henry 8th and his conquests. Lots young sex. I miss being young and unattached and unselfconscious about my body in bed.

I found myself emailing with a young British man looking for an affair.

His last email to me: "was about to ask you the same thing ;) There's not too much to figure out with me - I'm just looking for someone to share a good time with - maybe a little frisant in the city, meeting for a quick drink after work and then back to my apartment or wherever for some light (or rough) stress relief ;) I'm not really sure I'm looking for a relationship, don't know what I'm looking for really. So what are you looking for in this little affair - you are single right? ;)"

Doesn't sound so awful. What am I looking for???????????????????????


Anonymous said...

Wait, so the Brit is local? I have a weakness for Brits.

Run, baby, run!

alter-ego said...

As do I ----- this was a craigslist find. I've had nothing but good luck with it. Have a friend with AM and it is intense and great and they are way ... fucking in the park ... happy :)

Anonymous said...

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