Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Status update

Since I started this blog:

I have been manicured
Hair has been highlighted
On rigorous vitamin and water plan for hair, skin, and body
Spent 1 week straight sober and now averaging 2 - 3 nights a week booze free (how responsible)
Have lost 2 lbs
Have started running and signed up for some hard sounding training
Have taken public transportation twice (karma points)
Have received two emails from hottie mcpainter boy (more on him later)
Have drinks date with former 1st internet date ever (more on him later)
Had text sex with my soul mate (currently someone else's soulmate)
Had actual sex (24 year old guy see prior post)

things are going well I think. Unfortunate that hitting rock bottom in life makes the above list seem positive.


L. said...

This all seems rather thrilling - like Cinderella having a precocious midlife crisis but without hot flashes and more sex.

Beware that running fucks with your libido. I mean: magnifies it. In a good way.

Cheers. I look forward to hearing more.

Kevin Lomax said...

Didn't forget a Brazilian wax?

I like your blog!